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Garden Tools

Reeco Rental & Supply, Inc. is your one stop shop for garden tool rentals. Rent the right equipment for your next gardening project!


At Reeco, our front-tine and rear-tine tillers provide extra power to till larger gardens with ease. Break up heavy, compact soil and turn it into loose dirt that can be used to grow healthy plants. We have a full line of high-quality tillers at Reeco that will help you get the job done right!

Lawn Aerators

Aeration is vital to the health of a lawn. Lawn aerators allow both air and water to penetrate built-up grass, lawn thatch, and any heavy organic debris. This helps the roots to grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn and alleviate soil compaction. Improve the drainage and overall health of your yard.

Sod Cutters

A sod cutter is a garden tool that help to quickly clear grass and weeds from your gardening space. You can also create strips of sod to transplant in new areas where the roots will re-establish. Whether you’re relocating sod, expanding flower beds, or creating walkways, a sod cutter will help to conquer the job. Rent a manual or gas-powered sod cutter from Reeco to deliver the efficiency you need.

Bed Edger

For flower beds and landscaping beds with no border, use a bed edger to help redefine the edges with precision. Clean-up and maintain the edges of your beds to create a beautiful landscape. Rent a bed edger and other garden tools from Reeco Supply & Rental to define your gardening space and mark it off from the rest of your yard.

Tools to Install Sprinklers & Irrigation

Installing a sprinkler in your yard is a great way to conserve water and save money on irrigation! At Reeco Rental & Supply, we have the right materials for making installing sprinklers and irrigation a whole lot easier. Though we don’t sell sprinklers or irrigation systems, you can rent the necessary tools for installing sprinkler and irrigation system.

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