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Flooring Tools

At Reeco Rental & Supply, Inc. we offer a variety of flooring tools including carpet stretchers, carpet cleaners, floor buffing machines, floor sanders, edger sanders, and floor scraping machines. Rent the right equipment for your next flooring project!

Carpet Cleaners

There is no need to hire a professional! Rent one of our carpet cleaners for professional results at an affordable price. Keep your house free of dirt, dust, allergens and other irritants that resist vacuuming. At Reeco Rental & Supply, our carpet cleaning rentals make it easy to clean your own carpet and tackle those tough stains or odors.

Carpet Stretchers

A carpet stretcher is a tool that enables you to pull carpets during installation. Make the process of new carpet installation much simpler with a carpet stretcher. Our tools accommodate a variety of installation applications, from working in large rooms to fitting in tight areas such as hallways and bathrooms. Rent a Carpet Stretcher from Reeco Rental & Supply to make your carpet installation process quick and easy!

Floor Buffing Machines

At Reeco, our heavy-duty floor buffing machines effortlessly buff a wide range of floor types including tile, wood and other floors.  They can handle all of your professional cleaning needs. Scrub, strip, and polish your floor with this dependable flooring tool. We have a full line of high-quality floor buffing machines, pads, and polish at Reeco that will help you get the job done right!

Floor Scraping Machines

A floor scraping machine is a flooring tool that eases the removal of old flooring and results in less damage to your sub-flooring. Our line of floor scraping machines is perfect for commercial, residential, and DIY projects. You can hardwood, tiles, adhesives, and more with our heavy-duty floor scraping machines. Rent a floor-scraping machine from Reeco to deliver the efficiency you need with your next removal project.


Rent one of our vacuums today and clean your floors, decks, and patios with ease. Our wide array of vacuums at Reeco Rental & Supply are perfect for homeowners cleaning up a household or a contractor cleaning up a construction site. Remove the dirt and dust trapped in your carpets along with any dirty water. Keep your floors clean and call today to rent one of our versatile and easy to use vacuums.  

Floor Sanders

Refinishing hardwood floors are easy with the right tools. Stop by Reeco and let our staff help you get the tool for your job. We offer a full line of floor sanders, including drum sanders, edge sanders, and orbital vibrating sanders. 

Other Flooring Tools

Installing, cleaning, cutting, and removing flooring be a difficult task. At Reeco Rental & Supply, we have the right carpet & flooring tools for making these tasks a whole lot easier. You can rent the necessary tools including floor scraping machines and carpet stretchers to simplify the process. Call or visit today.

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